Table of Contents

Infrastructure for a Stormy Future

Winter 2018


What drives innovation?; Funding highways; Geoengineering ethics; Religion and science; Science police.

Editor’s Journal: Talk to the Hand

Kevin Finneran

Talk to the Hand

From the Hill

The never-ending budget debate; other news.

Perspective: Knee-Capping Excellence

Ronald J. Daniels

Perspective: Scaling Up Policy Innovations in the Federal Government: Lessons from the Trenches

Jenn Gustetic

Perspective: Is the Bayh-Dole Act Stifling Biomedical Innovation?

Albert N. Link, John T. Scott, Robert S. Danziger

Perspective: Philosopher’s Corner: Make Science Great Again

Adam Briggle

Child Support in the Age of Complex Families

Kathryn Edin

Government efforts to engage noncustodial fathers in supporting their children should take advantage of the reality that these dads care more about their offspring than is commonly assumed.

Rethinking Infrastructure in an Era of Unprecedented Weather Events

Thaddeus R. Miller, Mikhail Chester, Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson

A more integrated and systemic approach is needed to ensure the nation’s resilience in the face of a changing climate.

The Second Coming of UK Industrial Strategy

Richard Jones

The United Kingdom dismantled industrial policies in the 1980s; today it must rebuild them to create a social-industrial complex.

Make America Great Again

Gregory Tassey

Investing in research, technology development, worker training, and modern technological infrastructure is the only prescription that will maintain the health of the US economy.

How to Reinvigorate US Commercial Nuclear Energy

Steven E. Aumeier, Todd Allen

Sixty years into the civilian nuclear age, the United States must decide whether it wants to reestablish leadership in this important technology market, or watch its role continue to erode.

Real Numbers: President Obama’s War on Coal? Some Historical Perspective

Charles Herrick

Book Review: TMI?

Jessica Cussins

The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing How We Have Kids—and the Kids We Have
, by 
Bonnie Rochman.

Book Review: Hiding in Plain Sight

Neil Chilson

Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest
, by 
Finn Brunton and Helen Nissenbaum.

Book Review: What Did I Just Buy?

Lydia Pallas Loren

The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy
, by 
Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz.

Book Review: Opening the Books

Gilbert Omenn

Follow the Money: Funding Research in a Large Academic Health Center
, by 
Henry R. Bourne and Eric B. Vermillion.