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Population Health: The Big Picture

Spring 2005


From the Hill

Bush budget would cut most R&D programs; Hubble repair mission in doubt; Expanded tsunami warning system considered; Visa delays drop for students, scientists

The View from California

Heather Barbour

The state is a science and technology trailblazer but a laggard in managing the related policy dimension.

Peaking Oil Production: Sooner Rather Than Later?

Robert L. Hirsch, Roger H. Bezdek, Robert M. Wendling

Oil production will begin to decline in the near future. Beginning to prepare now will soften the blow to the economy.

A Second Look at Nuclear Power

Paul Lorenzini

By overlooking nuclear power in the quest for clean energy, we are condemning ourselves to a future of increased fossil fuel use.

Healthy Populations Nurture Healthy People

A broad vision of population health is the most effective path to improved health for individuals.

Genomics and Public Health

Gilbert S. Omenn

Potential benefits depend on linking genetic and environmental data in designing research, developing applications, and forging public policies.

Syndromic Surveillance

Michael A. Stoto

Public health officials have been quick to adopt this new tool for identifying emerging problems, but research is needed to assess its effectiveness.

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Jeffrey P. Koplan, Catharyn T. Liverman, Vivica I. Kraak

The nation must act now, or it will watch its children grow into adults with excessive levels of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other weight-related ailments.

Interview: Sarah S. Brown

Law and the Public’s Health

Lawrence O. Gostin

The legal system provides many tools to promote public health, but it includes necessary limits to protect individual rights.

Real Numbers

Jerry Sheehan

Book Review: Bioweapons

Alan Pearson

The Problem of Biological Weapons
, by 
Milton Leitenberg.

Book Review: Tilting at warheads

Jonathan B. Tucker

The Future of Arms Control
, by 
Michael A. Levi and Michael E. O’Hanlon.

Book Review: Commercializing the university

Robert Zemsky

Academic Capitalism and the New Economy: Markets, State, and Higher Education
, by 
Sheila Slaughter and Gary Rhoades.

Book Review: Copyright reconsidered

Stan J. Liebowitz

Promises to Keep: Technology, Law, and the Future of Entertainment
, by 
William W. Fisher III.