Table of Contents

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Summer 2003

Introduction: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Winning Greater Influence for Science

Daniel Yankelovich

Science’s Growing Political Strength

D. Allan Bromley, Michael S. Lubell

What’s Next for Technology Policy??

Lewis M. Branscomb

Globalization: Causes and Effects

Ralph E. Gomory, Harold T. Shapiro

Securing U.S. Research Strength

Erich Bloch

The Foreign Student Dilemma

John A. Armstrong

Bolstering Support for Academic R&D

Roland W. Schmitt

Maglev Ready for Prime Time

Donald M. Rote, Larry R. Johnson

Toward Improved Quality of Life

J. Michael McGinnis

Future Health Care Challenges

Robert J. Blendon, Catherine Desroches

Restructuring the U.S. Health Care System

Arnold S. Relman

AIDS Agenda Still Daunting

Gregory K. Folkers, Anthony S. Fauci

AIDS: The Battle Rages On

Margaret C. Heagarty

Treating Cancer as a Public Health Problem

John C. Bailar III

Viral Traffic on the Move

Stephen S. Morse

Biodiversity in the Information Age

Edward O. Wilson

Hard Times for Chemical Prospecting

Thomas Eisner

The Continued Danger of Overfishing

Carl Safina

Whither the U.S. Climate Program??

Robert M. White

U.S. Oil Dependence Remains a Problem

Robert W. Fri

The Bumpy Road to Reduced Carbon Emissions

Robert M. Friedman, Rosina M. Bierbaum

Conservator Society Still a Dream

John H. Gibbons

New Life for Nuclear Power

Alvin M. Weinberg

Superfund Matures Gracefully

Robert H. Harris, Jay Vandeven, Mike Tilchin

The Unfinished Revolution in Military Affairs

Andrew F. Krepinevich

Next Steps in Defense Restructuring

Jacques S. Gansler

How Smart Have Weapons Become??

Richard L. Garwin

Nuclear Proliferation Risks, New and Old

Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky

U.S. Computer Insecurity Redux

Peter G. Neumann