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Preserving Biodiversity

Spring 1999


Editor’s Journal: The Age of Hubris and Complacency

Kevin Finneran

When times are good, it's easy to believe that they will stay that way.

From the Hill

President's budget would cut FY 2000 R&D spending by $1 billion; Legality of federal funding for human stem cell research debated; Bill loosening encryption software controls gains support


From Marijuana to Medicine

John A. Benson Jr., Stanley J. Watson Jr., Janet E. Joy

Marijuana does have medical value, but its therapeutic components must be incorporated into conventional therapy to be truly safe and useful.

Plutonium, Nuclear Power, and Nuclear Weapons

Richard L. Wagner Jr., Edward D. Arthur, Paul T. Cunningham

A new fuel cycle architecture for nuclear power would expand its potential to contribute to the future global energy economy and reduce its potential nuclear weapon proliferation risks.

Bioweapons from Russia: Stemming the Flow

Jonathan B. Tucker

The U.S. must broaden its efforts to deal with the serious proliferation threat posed by the legacy of the Soviet biological weapons program.

The Stealth Battleship

Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.

Converted Trident submarines with Tomahawk cruise missiles would greatly bolster the U.S. Navy's long-range striking power.

America’s Industrial Resurgence: How Strong, How Durable?

David C. Mowery

The U.S. economy responded successfully to the challenges of the 1980s, but this is no time for complacency.

Traffic Congestion: A Solvable Problem

Peter Samuel

More creative use of existing highways and rights-of-way can help us build our way out of gridlock.

Saving Marine Biodiversity

Robert J. Wilder, Mia J. Tegner, Paul K. Dayton

A comprehensive national strategy is crucial for reversing the rapidly accelerating decline in marine life.

The Price of Biodiversity

R. David Simpson

Poor nations lack the economic incentive to preserve biological resources; rich nations will have to pick up the bill.

The State Role in Biodiversity Conservation

Jessica Bennett Wilkinson

The states are far better positioned than the federal government to protect and restore the nation's plants, animals, and ecosystems.

The Stockpile Stewardship Charade

Greg Mello, Andrew Lichterman, William Weida

The U.S. program to maintain the reliability of the nuclear arsenal is masking an effort to design new nuclear weapons.

Real Numbers: The New Economy: How Is It Different?

Randolph H. Court, Robert D. Atkinson

Book Review: Environmental activism

Martin W. Lewis

The Promise and Peril of Environmental Justice
, by 
Christopher H. Foreman, Jr..

Book Review: The perils of keeping secrets

Steven Aftergood

Secrecy: The American Experience
, by 
Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Book Review: Collaborative R&D, European style

Claude Barfield

Technology Policy in the European Union
, by 
John Peterson and Margaret Sharp.